Additional Services

Nails: $5.00

Nail Grinding: $5.00

Nail Painting: $10.00

Gland Expressing: $5.00

Teeth Brushing: $8.00 Tooth brush included.

Blueberry Facials-$5.00


De-Skunk: There is an additional charge added on depending on the severity of the smell. The charge ranges from $10- $25.

Medicated Baths: We offer Oatmeal and other medicated baths for dogs with itchy skin. $7+

Flea Bath: We do not use dips, we only use all natural shampoos that kill the fleas on contact. Your pet will still need to be treated with some kind of treatment. This is extra $7+dollars depending on dogs size.


Includes everything that is included with a Bath and Nails plus a breed specific haircut or haircut of your choice.  Haircuts are priced by breed and coat of pet.


Brushing Excessive Coat

There is an extra charge with dogs that have an excessive amount of undercoat. This charge can be anywhere from $5 to $25 

Pick Up/Drop Off

This service is free within the area. Available by appointment only Monday through Thursday


Dematting can be very painful and stressful for your pet.  Some pets can be brushed out while others can not. When needed we recommend shaving the mats out. It is safer and easier on your pet.  There is an extra charge for any type of dematting.

We bathe all pets with hypoallergenic and or all  natural shampoos. In addition to offering other shampoos and additional services at an extra cost. All pets come home with a bandana!

Bath and Nails

Bath and Nails includes bath, Nails, expressing of anal glands, cleaning of ears and  plucking hair, sanitary trim and a good brush out.  Price varies on breeds.